Important Milestone Achievement: AMC Breaks Ground in CCS Implementation!

Important Milestone Achievement: AMC Breaks Ground in CCS Implementation!

Alpha Marine Consulting PC (AMC) is thrilled to share groundbreaking insights from recent feasibility studies on integrating Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology on Crude Oil Tankers, Car Carriers and Dry Cargo vessels.

Standing at the forefront of marine design and retrofitting, we recognize the pivotal role that CCS technology is to play towards reducing carbon emissions and mitigating climate change impacts.


AMC recent studies involved extensive research, data collection, and in-depth analysis, paving the way for sustainable advancements in maritime practices. After thorough evaluation, it’s evident that integrating CCS on board commercial merchant vessels is technically feasible, while the equipment development, costs and operational processes are still under a maturing phase which subsequently require a careful and future-projected approach to resolve design considerations. Despite the challenges, integrating CCS technology seems to be one of the major green transition-technologies, representing a significant step, towards reducing carbon emissions and fostering environmental sustainability in the maritime sector.


Our team is committed for leveraging these insights to develop innovative designs that will eventually optimize vessels’ performance while maintaining seamless operations for our clients and minimizing environmental impact.

For further information on carbon capture and storage for shipping, we welcome inquiries and further discussion.

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