Personnel in Shipping work in highly risk environments, where skills & abilities (competencies) play a key role in performance at both individual and organizational level.

However, competencies can be difficult to assess. As such, a coherent system for assessing competency in employees and seafarers, highlighting behavior and attitude as key elements of positive safety culture and performance excellence is necessary.

On this front, AMC provides a complete and customized service package based on OCIMF, InterTanko and Industry’s standards and requirements.


BCA&V Framework Development

Development of tailor-made behavioral competency frameworks comprising of an inventory of anticipated skills, knowledge and behaviors that will enable the organisation to clarify its expectations and identify the optimum standards of excellence and safety at every organizational level both onshore and onboard.


Human Element related SMS Processes Upgrade

Enhancement of Employee/Crew selection, familiarization, appraisal and auditing processes in order to align HR/Crew management practices to BCA&V framework so that a consistent method of measurement is available across the employment lifecycle.


Independent Virtual & Physical BCA&V Assessments

AMC team of experts, including Master Mariners and Psychologists, ensures efficient assessments and high-quality reporting.


BCA&V and Interview & Appraisal Trainings

Specialized training onshore, onboard and in simulator, as per IMO 1.30 standards, to maximize Company’s key personnel performance are available.