Committed to establishing long-term relationships through reliability, experience and dedication

Alpha Marine Consulting specializes in ship design, marine engineering and management consulting for over 35 years and is one of the largest marine consultancy firms in Europe. The firm has developed specialized know-how, gained significant experience with various types of vessels and its activities cover most of the fields of marine consulting services, providing end-to-end services to the maritime industry. Project management, specification review, plan approval and supervision for new-buildings as well as preparation of all kinds of technical documentation and management plans for ships in operation are also included amongst the services provided to its Clients.

The technical staff of Alpha Marine Consulting comprises Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, ship surveyors, auditors and other experts. The firm also maintains a network of associates, naval architects and ship surveyors, at major Greek ports and several other ports worldwide. Furthermore, close ties are maintained with the academic community.

Alpha Marine Consulting keeps abreast of developments in the maritime industry and strives to serve the needs of its Clients through cost-effective implementation of applicable standards for design, construction and maintenance of ships, as well as for Company Management Systems. The firm’s growth has been built on long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with its Clients –many of whom represent the world’s leading ship management companies– thus adding commercial understanding to its technical capabilities.