With reference to implementation of MARPOL and ISO 14001 standard to Companies and vessels, the firm’s expertise extends to International and National environmental laws.
The Company is specialized in auditing and development of Environmental Compliance Programs (ECP), as per US Department of Justice requirements, to ensure proper Waste Stream Management. Furthermore, Alpha Marine Consulting provides high quality environmental-related services including:

  • Development of comprehensive Environmental Management Systems (EMS) based on assessment and evaluation of office and vessels’ practices / documentation as well as of all waste stream generated, in compliance with ISO 14001 and ECP.
  • Company and fleet wide implementation of the established Systems (EMS/CP, etc.) and post implementation audits.
  • Third Party independent audits to assess compliance status and effective implementation of the established EMS/CP, etc.
  • Advice on and development of dedicated training programs to prepare vessels and their crews on environment-related inspections.
  • Training to shipboard personnel for onboard Waste Stream Management and PSC inspections to avoid detentions and minimize deficiencies.
  • Preparation of vessels for and attendance during PSC and USCG inspections.
  • Benchmarking of Company’s performance regarding EEOI, SOx, NOx, etc. within the fleet and across the industry.