Monitor & Optimize Ship’s Performance

MARVEL+ is a software package designed to assist Ship Operators to monitor and optimize the Performance, Fuel Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions of vessels.

MARVEL+ supports the Operator to:

  • Monitor FO, DO & LO consumptions, based on Noon Reports.
  • Monitor ship’s CO2 emission indicators, including EEOI, SOx & NOx indicators.
  • Store consumption and performance data, synchronize information with the office and compare consumption, emission and performance metrics across specific groups of ships or the whole fleet.
  • Select the optimum trim for a vessel, to reduce resistance and save FO.
  • Calculate speed / consumption performance against Charter Party requirements.
  • Estimate and monitor the trend of Hull & Propeller performance, due to fouling / roughness, in order to optimize / plan cleaning for fuel saving.
  • Compare alternative routes, based on desired sailing speeds and weather forecasts, to select the optimal one based on expected fuel consumption or required time of arrival.
  • Gather EU MRV- and IMO DCS-related data and prepare the respective Annual Emission Reports automatically.
  • MARVEL+ is ship-specific, meaning it is based on a model specifically prepared for each ship.