Environmental protection has become one of the paramount factors in the shipping industry while most of the International and Recognized Organizations are pushing towards this direction. In addition, rising fuel costs, which account for between 35% and 65% of a ship’s total operational cost, are setting the framework for establishing energy efficient fleets that will comply with the best performance monitoring practices.

In this context, the Company has enrolled Energy Audits as part of its Environmental Management Services, in order to provide our clients with ship-specific proposals regarding energy saving, based on proven calculations and shipboard measurements.

  • Areas concerned
    • Energy audits are focusing on the identification of energy saving potentials of shipboard systems and machinery through the assessment of the vessels’ operational patterns, consumption characteristics of the main energy consuming machinery and crew operational practices.
    • Energy saving potentials are evaluated from a technical and economic point of view (cost-benefit analysis).
    • Findings and proposals are gathered in one detailed and holistic investigation report which defines the course of actions to be taken for achieving enhanced operational fuel efficiency.
  • Benefits
    • Optimization of fuel consumption
    • Reducing vessels’ operational costs
    • Enhancing operational performance
    • Establishing energy efficiency practices in compliance with ISO 14001, TMSA requirements
    • Reducing impact on the environment

Our Company has conducted more than 25 Energy Audits on various ship types, such as Tankers, Bulk Carriers, Container Vessels and Car Carriers.