Big players are setting the goals

The challenge of the ship-owners and operators to meet the highest standards and improve their management systems incurs specific procedures and special know-how for demonstrating strong commitment to safety and environmental excellence.

Our company through its experienced personnel could cover and assist with the following fields:

  • Gap Analysis of existing Management Systems vs. TMSA or Rightship requirements.
  • Safety Alerts and Health awareness campaigns.
  • Proactive measures vis-à-vis future operational trends and industry’s requirements.
  • Identification of Industry Best Practices and proposals for shipping companies.
  • Lessons learnt arising from investigations into marine incidents, etc.
  • Preparation and training for office and vessels’ vetting by Oil Majors.
  • Support during office audits by Oil Majors, Rightship and other Company’s customers.
  • Analysis of vetting reports and PSC inspections, identification of trends and preparation of responses to Oil Majors and Rightship. Proposals for corrective / preventive actions.
  • Analysis of navigational deficiencies – identification of trends. Proposals for corrective / preventive actions.
  • Preparation of submissions and changes of TMSA to OCIMF database.
  • Incidents investigation.
  • Monitoring – benchmarking of Company’s KPIs based on Industry sources and Oil Majors’ requirements. Benchmarking of Company’s performance regarding LTIF, TRCF, PSC, etc. against similar Companies.
  • Consultation for the issuance of quarterly Safety Bulletins and the Company’s Annual Report regarding fleet profile, improvements, statistics, trends, analysis of incidents, benchmarking, best practices identified, etc. as per TMSA requirements.
  • A model presentation with the most favorable statistics and results of Company’s safety and environmental activities for introduction during an Oil Major meeting.
  • Behavioral-based tools for enhancing safety awareness and behavior.
  • Preparation of Company’s Best Practices database.