TMSA 3 Awareness & Compliance

Leading experts on TMSA compliance.

Alpha Marine Consulting provides:

  • Development of tailor-made Management Systems, adapted to the individual needs and operational scheme of each Company / fleet and in line with TMSA and Oil Majors’ requirements, as well as National and International legislation, applicable regulations, etc.
  • Gap Analysis of existing Management Systems against TMSA and all Oil Majors’ requirements and upgrading of procedures in accordance with any identified gaps.
  • Review, on a continuous basis, of existing Management Systems. As areas in need of revisions are identified, procedures are updated to new regulatory or Industry standards.
  • Training and Computer-Based Training (CBT) programs, tailored to each Company’s needs, goals and operational scheme and aligned with all latest Industry standards and Oil Majors’ requirements.
  • Independent audits (Internal, Navigational, VDR, Cargo, Mooring, Environmental, Engineering, Energy, etc.), in line with TMSA and Oil Majors’ requirements.
  • Proactive measures in view of future operational trends and Oil Majors’ requirements.
  • Preparation for Office audits and vessels’ vetting inspections by Oil Majors and other third parties.
  • Support during vetting inspections and audits from Oil Majors and other third parties.
  • Analysis of vetting and audit reports, identification of trends and preparation of responses. Proposals for corrective / preventive actions.
  • Monitoring and benchmarking of Company’s KPIs.
  • Assistance in preparation of Company’s TMSA submission.
  • Preparation of Management Reviews and Environmental Management Reviews. Follow up of action plans deriving from Management Reviews. Preparation of statistics, realignment of KPIs / targets, leading and lagging indicators, etc.