Alpha Marine Consulting provides:

  • Gap Analysis and upgrading of existing Management Systems vs. TMSA or Rightship requirements, ISO standards, etc.
  • Review of Company’s Management Systems on a continuous basis. As areas in need of revisions are identified, existing procedures are updated to new regulatory or industry standards.
  • Preparation of Safety Circulars / Bulletins, Safety Alerts and Health awareness campaigns, etc.
  • Proactive measures in view of future operational trends and Oil Majors’ / Rightship requirements.
  • Identification of Industry Best Practices. Preparation of Best Practices database.
  • Lessons learned arising from investigations into marine incidents, etc.
  • Preparation / training for office / vessels’ vetting / audits by Oil Majors and Rightship.
  • Analysis of vetting reports and PSC inspections, identification of trends and preparation of responses. Proposals for corrective / preventive actions.
  • Analysis of navigational deficiencies – identification of trends. Proposals for corrective / preventive actions.
  • Follow-up and analysis of all external and internal audits, non-conformities, near misses, incident reports, etc. – identification of trends – proposal for corrective actions and ways of implementation.
  • Monitoring / benchmarking of Company’s KPIs. Benchmarking of Company’s performance regarding LTIF, TRCF, PSC, etc.
  • Preparation of Management Reviews and follow up of action plans deriving from Management Reviews. Preparation of statistics, realignment of KPIs / targets, etc.
  • Behavioral-based tools for enhancing safety awareness and behavior.
  • Organization of the Company’s table-top exercises.

Independent (Internal, Navigational, Cargo, Mooring, Environmental, Energy, etc.) audits are also provided, as well as support during vetting, inspections and audits from Oil Majors, Rightship, Class Societies, Flag Administrations, Port Authorities and other third parties.