In the ever-changing Shipping industry where demands for essential competencies and skills is steadily growing, Alpha Marine Consulting P.C. (AMC) Maritime Training Center offers premium learning solutions that provide lower-touch knowledge, consolidation of skills, shaping of attitudes and maximum learning outcomes through Curriculum-Based Integrated Trainings (CBITs).

Our CBITs consist of a combination of:

  1. Real time lectures (delivered within your premises, our Maritime Training Center and/or distant via real-time web technology) combined with,
  2. E-learning modules in cooperation with Being Essential Consulting S.A. and Skillsoft the global leader in e-learning training.

We utilize a consistent learning methodology tailored to Company’s specific needs for a results-oriented learning experience that can make your Company stand out in the Shipping Industry.

With CBITs we can focus on the competencies and skills your team members specifically need for optimizing performance within your organization, your fleet and towards your customers and 3rd parties.


  • It is a contemporary way to make skill-based and knowledge-based connections with in day-to-day practice.
  • It is tailored-made, can relate to your Company’s most important and relevant objectives for teaching integrated knowledge & skills enhancing the effectiveness of training.
  • It can accelerate learning by offering an array of interconnecting subjects into a unified whole.
  • It helps fuse skills, knowledge, experience and attitudes towards a specific direction.

CBITs fulfil various compliance requirements more notably for:

  • DryBMS Subject Areas 8 & 10 “Technical & HSSE Training (Office & Crew)” & Subject Area 24 “Safety Culture Improvement” Advanced Levels and above.
  • TMSA 3 Element 14 Human Element 14.3.3 “Advanced Training for Safety Critical Roles”.
  • TMSA Element 2 and TMSA Element 3 relevant competency requirements.

CBITs fundamental structure:

  • Consist of 3 Learning Phases.
  • Each Phase contains a concentration of e-learning modules (approximately 5 of a total duration of 3 hours) and a 4-hour real time lecture.
  • Total duration of each Phase is 45 days approximately where:
  1. E-learning modules must be attended at the convenience of the trainees.
  2. A real time lecture must be attended at the end of the Phase to review knowledge & skills gained form e-learning modules, discuss their implementation, deliver relevant learning material and provide actions for improvement if necessary.
  • Each Phase is more advanced than the previous. Knowledge and practical skills develop sequentially and are gradually consolidated.

CBITs vs. Short Courses

Short Courses (half-day, single day, two-day courses) while they appear convenient they:

  • May give a false sense of accomplishment and create the impression that you have learned more than you actually did.
  • Have no follow up in order to identify implementation barriers for the skills & knowledge obtained and provide feedback to overcome it.
  • Overload attendees with information, they contain a lot of condensed material that needs to be digested in short period of time. Useful information may get lost while the extra workload may lead to training fatigue.
  • Single subject certification through a Certificate that covers a single training requirement.

CBITs provides:

  • Enough time for the gradual consolidation of knowledge gained through the various phases.
  • Hands-on practice between learning phases that results in a higher retention of practical skills.
  • Follow up for any identified implementation barriers for the skills & knowledge obtained and feedback to overcome.
  • No information overload and training fatigue, since information is gradually digested.
  • Multisubject certification through a Diploma that covers multiple training requirements.

AMC can help you develop tailormade CBIT Schemes for your Company and your team by:

  • Conducting Training Needs Assessment, to reveal potential training gaps and training needs.
  • Developing Tailormade CBIT Schemes, leading to a strategically designed Performance Improved Plan containing best-fit topics, concentrations, durations and sequence for your team.
  • Adjust predesigned CBIT Schemes like the below examples to cover your needs:
    1. Maritime Management & Leadership
    2. Managing & Developing the Human Element
    3. Superintendent Boot Camp
    4. Advanced Maritime Senior Officer Leadership
    5. Mental Health & Psychological Wellbeing at Sea
    6. Developing an Error Elimination Culture